Changing The Route

FAQ: Can I comment on / object to the proposed route?

FAQ: Can the route still be changed?

Answer: YES

Although at this stage HS2 will be reluctant to change the route, if there are compelling reasons to do so they will have to. We need them to understand in detail the challenges our area presents; mining, flooding, landfill, access, wind etc. We also need them to understand the impact it will have; noise, visual, loss of green space, grid lock, loss of existing train service, etc.

The more difficult it appears, the more costly it becomes and the less likely they are to build here. The more people that object, the more likely the Government are to take notice and intervene.

Take a look at our consultation response guidance.

Although HS2’s last formal consultation was announced without the inclusion of our area, they agreed that we could submit responses to the consultation and they would listen. They didn’t intend to consult on our area of the revised route as they considered the canal viaduct to tunnel and bigger mainline viaduct “minor tweaks” to their previous proposal. The tunnel mouth was subsequently moved as a result of information pertaining to the landfill contents.