Compensation Above Tunnel

FAQ: The tunnel goes under my house, will I get compensation?

Answer: NO

HS2’s proposal regarding deep bored tunnels…

For Phase One and Phase 2a, the Government has decided that people living above or next to deep tunnels would not be eligible for the full range of compensation and assistance schemes.

The Phase 2b consultation proposed the same approach, offering the following to those living above a tunnel:

  • The Government would purchase subsoil rights under properties for £50, meaning it would formally own the subsoil through which the tunnel will be built.
  • “Before and After” surveys for those at greatest risk of settlement.
  • Settlement deeds requiring HS2 Ltd to remedy damage that
    occurred as a result of the identified settlement.
  • Homeowners living above a deep tunnel who have a compelling
    reason to sell their property, but have been unable to do so due to the announcement of HS2, can apply to the Need to Sell scheme.

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