Green light from Boris?

On 11 February Boris PM announced that the cabinet had given the green light to HS2 and that it would be built. Read / watch the full statement and that of Alec MP in response.

No details from the official report given to justify the decision, no indication that the project needs to meet the criteria for public spending or the Notice to Proceed. There was an indication that Phase 2B would be subject to some review, primarily to reduce costs.

Since there have been indications that the number of trains and speed of trains north of Birmingham will be reduced. That the route may be revised in places, and that more consideration should be given to the impact on communities. No indication that compensation will change in any way.

We are pushing for a full review of the station location in Leeds and the associated route through our area. A parkway station would be more accessible. Through trains would be more beneficial. Using existing / disused transport corridors would reduce blight and cost. The mainline Leeds “bypass” could be eliminated entirely. We need to ensure the SoS for Transport, DfT and HS2 Minister understand the issues here and work with our MP to ensure changes are made now while the opportunity and appetite for change exists.

LCC must not be allowed to continue to dictate to HS2. LCC needs to be accountable to South Leeds. LCC, you have an equal duty of care to South Leeds residents – start behaving responsibly.