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We may occasionally update this page, however most collaborative research is now published in realtime on our Facebook Page and on the main STOP HS2 campaign website. Most of our updates will now appear in our Latest News and FAQ sections.

Many relevant stories are now also carried in the national news as the body of support to stop HS2 is growing rapidly. The EU TEN-T transport plan recognised several years ago that there was no need to bring HS2 to Leeds and they removed it from their plans. When with UK Gov do the same? Improve our roads and existing railways, buid more hospitals and schools – these would benefit the entire nation whereas HS2 will bring little benefit for only a tiny minority of our population.

Hyperloop One

While the UK has spent the last five years (and indeed longer since 2009) on plans to build an outdated railway, the rest of the world has in less time invented and is building a new revolutionary transport system that will stand the test of time. They’ve probably spent less than UK Gov in doing so too! Think how many £Bil have been spent and yet we have nothing to show for it. Now take a look at Hyperloop One and see what we could be investing in. First operation services are planned for 2020, costs are a fraction of those for HS2, and transit times are amazing… Leeds to London in around 15 minutes, services on demand (i.e. no wait for the next timetabled departure).

This is the future, today – expected to be operation in Dubai, Slovakia and USA in just three years, and others close behind with projects already underway in Finland, Russia, Canada and Switzerland, and investment from the French Government too.

A green transport system, extremely energy efficient, solar powered, and ticket prices in line with busses not trains or planes. This technology will overtake HS2, before it’s even finished. As one of our campaigners says, Chris Grayling clearly needs a visit to Specsavers!

HS2AA Update

HS2AA update 28 April 2013

Residents’ Meeting

Following the residents’ meeting on Monday 18th March at Blackburn Hall, Andrew Bodman from Action Groups Against HS2 kindly left copies of his slides and supporting evidence for us to publish here. Please use the links below to view the documents.

ab1 – High Speed Rail Benelux

ab2 – Service Plans

ab3 – Residents Meeting Slides

ab4 – Supporting Evidence

High Speed 2 – The next government project disaster

To read Dr Richard Wellings’ report entitled “High Speed 2 – The next government project disaster?” please click on the link below.

Dr Richard Wellings HS2 Report

The case against HS2

In a speech to the Railway Study Association, Chris Stokes (former Strategic Rail Authority employee) puts the arguments against building a new high-speed line to the North.

Click here for PDF

A brief overview of the judicial review results by the Head of Frank Knight’s HS2 team

HS2 Judicial Review Results (PDF)

The National Audit Office report

The National Audit Office on 16th May released a report into the early stage preparation of the business case for HS2.  The findings are quite damning in terms of the lack of robust evidence, analysis and application of forecasting models on such things as passenger demand and capacity.  You can access the full report here

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