What’s a Hybrid Bill

The Government will deposit a hybrid Bill for Phase 2b for consideration by Parliament in 2020. Upon Royal Assent the Bill would become an Act of Parliament conferring powers, including deemed planning permission, to build the railway line and thereafter operate and maintain it.

Hybrid Bill powers

The powers are likely to include:

  • authority to nominate an undertaker to build, operate and maintain the railway line
  • authority to construct, operate and maintain the railway and associated major works as described in the Act (and its accompanying plans and sections) and other ancillary works
  • powers of compulsory acquisition or temporary possession of land and properties required for the Proposed Scheme
  • powers to divert or protect gas, water, telecommunications and electricity infrastructure which might be affected by the Proposed Scheme
  • powers over rights of way
  • powers to carry out works to listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas
  • powers to carry out protective works to buildings and third party infrastructure