Autumn consultation 2018

On Thursday 11 October 2018, HS2 released new information and opened public consultations.  Their reports and maps disclose the impact on our villages and the land likely to be required. Details relate to both the construction period, and our long term future.

It is vital that everyone in our community reviews the information and responds to the consultations. Copies are available online and at local libraries. Printed copies can also be ordered (free of charge) from HS2 for delivery to your home. Follow on Facebook too.

The information released is truly devastating – while we all strongly suspected that the details previously provided fell well short of the reality, none of us could have foreseen just how bad the truth would be.  While individuals working for HS2 were unable to disclose information before the official release, they clearly knew what was coming – HS2 have deceived us all.

The original safeguarded area generally extended to 60m from the line, in the last release additional areas for construction were included close to the proposed lines; in this week’s announcement these areas have grown beyond recognition, taking in all of the greenbelt around the villages. They knew much of this information prior to the last release in June.

Construction boundaries are now 10 times the original distance in most cases, and in some places extend to around 1km from the route. The reality is far worse than previous estimates.

Review the information for yourself as soon as possible. Request a hard copy of the documents from HS2. Prepare your responses to the consultations. Write to our local Councillors, MP and the leader of LCC to demand that they reject HS2’s proposals.

Be sure to follow our Facebook group (SO WHAT) to get the most up to date information and breaking news. Read the HS2 announcement and check out our consultation guide.