Hyperloop One

While the UK has spent years (since 2009) on plans to build an outdated railway, the rest of the world has in less time invented and is now building a new revolutionary transport system that will truly stand the test of time.

UK Gov are spending £Bil on plans and have nothing to show for it, spades won’t hit the ground until at least 2017. Now take a look at Hyperloop One and see what the UK could be investing in.

First operation services are planned for 2020, costs are a fraction of those projected for HS2, and transit times are amazing… Leeds to London in approximately 15 minutes, services are on demand (i.e. no wait for the next timetabled departure), and ticket prices tiny due to low running costs.

A green transport system, extremely energy efficient, solar powered, and ticket prices in line with busses not trains or planes. This technology will overtake HS2, before it’s even finished.

December 2016 Update

This is the future, today – expected to be operation in Dubai, Slovakia and USA in just three years, and others close behind with projects already underway in Finland, Russia, Canada and Switzerland, and investment from the French Government too. Look how much progress they’ve made in three years compared to what HS2 have achieved in double the time. Embarrassing really. When will UK Gov invest in our future?