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  1. david lee

    I do not think that we can stop HS2 as all political parties are in favour of the project. The publication of the preferred route has had an impact on properties in the vicinity of the route that are within half a mile of it. I believe what we should be doing is fighting for fair compensation, not when the work starts but from the date of the publication. A local estate agent should be employed to value the properties pre and post publication of the plans and provide a realistic devaluation figure plus a fixed value for relocation expenses built into the compensation package. This should be done immediately and the compensation paid to all properties affected. This will then give the owner the choice to move or to stay , just like everyone else in the country, thereby negating the blight effect. If this is done immediately it will also save the government money in the long run as property prices will be higher 20 years ahead.
    Don’t get me wrong I am totally against HS2 but with all main political parties in favour of the project then we have to be realistic and accept that HS2 will go ahead.

    David Lee
    The Maltings Estate

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